Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our massage therapy service and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to or call or text 615-892-9704

Question: Do I need to make an appointment?

Answer: Generally speaking, yes. However, there are times that we are able to accommodate clients that walk-in without an appointment. Most often, because of our full staff of therapists, you can make your appointment for the same day you call.

Please arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to assure a full massage session.

Question: What is your cancellation policy?

Answer: Appointments can be canceled for free with a 24 hour notice. Same day cancellations or rescheduling same day will be charged a $25 reservation fee per person. Appointments cancelled with less than a one hour notice or no notice at all will be charged full value of the service and recorded as a “No Show”. Please note, when booking an appointment you are reserving a treatment room and a Licensed Massage Therapist. Our Therapist work for commission only and this policy ensures they receive compensation if a client does not show up. Front desk associates are not allowed to scheduled an appointment without a credit card on file or a $25 cash deposit. If you need to cancel your appointment please call 615-892-9704. Thank you for understanding!


Question: Why am I required to reserve my appointment with a credit card? What if I want to pay with cash?

Answer: Due to high number of same day cancellations and no shows we need to reserve your appointment with a credit card. This has helped people from doing last minute cancellations or not showing up at all. When you schedule a massage appointment, you are reserving a massage therapist and a treatment room for a length of time. Our therapist and business make compensation off of services performed. When a person decides to not show up for their appointment without notice neither our therapist or business is able to receive any compensation for that selected time. If we have proper notice we may have a chance at filling your reservation with another client.

We won’t charge you until you checkout. If you want to use cash to pay for your session you may. Our system may authorize your credit card on file to make sure it’s a valid card with sufficient funds however any pending charge will disappear after using another payment method.


Question: What takes place during a massage?

Answer: First, the client will complete an intake form and health history. The client will also read our intention and sign an informed consent. Second, the therapist will complete a brief interview with the client. This time allows us to review the intake form, discuss medical conditions, find out the expectations of the client and what they are looking for in a massage and lastly, how they want to feel after the massage. Then the therapist will explain what all will take place during the massage. Third, the therapist will leave the room while the client undresses “to their level of comfort” and gets situated on the massage table, covered by a sheet and blanket.

NOTE: Tennessee licensed massage therapists are required to obtain current health history, written informed consent and to provide draping in a manner that ensures safety, comfort and privacy of the client.

During a Donelson Massage Center massage session (typically a full body massage) we work the back, shoulders, hips/glutes, legs…then the client turns over on the table, under the sheet, and then we work the front of the legs, feet, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head and face. We uncover only the area we are working. Our intake forms go over any area our clients do not feel comfortable being touched and we will avoid these areas.

Question: Can I choose my own therapist?

Answer: Yes, you can choose your therapist but you may have to wait for an appointment depending on the therapists’ schedule, availability and popularity. But if you need an appointment today, we can find an opening on someone’s schedule. You can also request your preference in male or female therapist. Our philosophy at Donelson Massage Center is to help you find your fit with the therapist and treatment style that best serves you. You can choose to change therapists at anytime during your treatment plan, establish a primary therapist and/or utilize each therapist at different points in time during your relationship to Donelson Massage Center. We understand the need for consistency, change and spontaneity and we can be all of those things to you and more. We want you to feel welcome to try any of us at Donelson Massage Center.